Respectful funeral flower arrangements in Townsville

Paying tribute to the passing of a loved one or acquaintance is never easy. Send your condolences to the family and pay tribute with formal flower arrangements from Castletown Flower Hut.

Our florists are local to the Townsville area and have friends and family throughout. We understand the difficulties arranging a suitable funeral can present. Which is why we ensure a simple, no-fuss arrangement of mourning flowers that will help you pay respects.

We personally recommend chrysanthemums, lilies and roses for these occasions. Using calm, muted colours, like blue, white and green, is best. Flowers of these colours represent peace, humility and calmness and are often comforting in times of sadness.

Call the Castletown Flower Hut team for a respectful arrangement of flowers for a loved one’s funeral.

Funeral Flowers—Flower Arrangement in Hyde Bay, QLD